High-quality watches, manufactured only in small quantities by Patek Philippe and Rolex are astonishingly stable in value and often even increase in value over time. Also popular as an investment are rare and particularly beautiful gems. The advantages are obvious: Great value in a small space, easy to store, very stable, easy inheritance, low volatility and independent of the financial markets.

Coloured gemstones of high quality and rare size are found only sporadically but they are increasingly sought after worldwide. Over the last five to ten years the prices for rare rubies, sapphires, emeralds and spinels have doubled or tripled. Diamonds have a much larger market than coloured gemstones. Hence, their price development rather follows the economic situation and proceeds in a more controlled way. Nevertheless, the prices in USD have doubled in the last 15 to 20 years.

From the point of view of an investor, attention should be paid to the rarity of the stone. The focus therefore lies on substantial size, intense color and the absence of treatments. Such gems will naturally fetch a high market price but have also proven more stable over time.

Are there risks? Well, gemstones are not so easy to sell as e.g. shares and bonds. It is a market of experts and the purchase of gems without the advice of an independent expert (gemmologist) bears the risk of a bad investment. If you decide for a long-term investment in gemstones, then the gemmologists and experts from Zigerli+Iff will be happy to assist you.

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